Sydney Harbour Marine

Sydney Harbour Marine

Sydney Harbour Marine is a family owned and operated business based in Middle Harbour and have been servicing the Sydney Harbour area for many years. We love what we do and have the experience as well as the knowledge required to provide an unmatched level of workmanship and customer service on the water. We share the same passions for the open waters as you do and understand the intricate ins and outs.

Sydney Harbour Marine has many years of first hand experience and knowledge of Sydney Harbour, we know how open every Bay, Point or Bluff is to any weather situation, the wave fetch that may be encountered there and the depth as well as the composition of the sea bed in every area of the Harbour. With us you and your vessel are in good hands, we guarantee all our work and are not finished until we’re happy with the quality ourselves.

The MV Sugarman

Sydney Harbour Marine is led by a team of experienced professionals with a lifetime on the water however the shining star of the operation is our barge dubbed the MV Sugarman. Purpose built for our services on the water, the MV Sugarman can and has handled anything we’ve thrown at it. From safe and quick vessel salvage to fast lighterage and engine hosits as well as mooring and pontoon servicing, it has shown to be a more than capable service vessel. 

The 12 meter shallow draught hull allows us to travel into tight and shallow areas while providing ample room for transporting building materials or rubbish. While the 2.5 Tonne, 7 meter reach Hiab crane takes care of the loading, vessel salvage, mast lifting and other dirty work.