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  • Standard/Flush Top Mount Pontoons
  • Decking & timber replacement
  • Timber Topped Pontoon
  • Structural repairs & maintenance
  • Transverse & Longitudinal
  • Fully Moulded Fibreglass Pontoons
  • Stonewall repairs & maintenance
  • Boatshed renovations
  • Mooring Piles, Jetties/wharves
  • Waterfront consultation service
  • Complying Development & DA Approvals

Jetty, Wharf, Pontoon Repairs & Maintenance

Sydney Harbour Marine has extensive experience in the repairs, maintenance and provisioning of both private and commercial pontoons. Pontoons like everything else exposed to the harsh Australian elements need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their safety and longevity. We take marine safety seriously which is why we recommend inspections occur at least every year to ensure their condition meets the standards. We also provide high pressure water cleaning & waterblasting to clean the years of outdoor buildup from your pontoons, returning them to an as new condition.

Sydney Harbour Marine will travel out to you and perform a thorough inspection both above and below the water with our ADAS approved divers revealing the current integrity of the pontoon structure. From here we can perform high pressure cleaning and barnacle removal, install new brackets, winches, winch posts, rollers and fender systems. We can also handle relocations and delivery of new structures to any location in Sydney Harbour with our purpose built barge. Follow the link below to get a free quote on all your pontoon needs!

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