Swing Moorings, Serviced, Laid & Moved Throughout Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Marine Moorings
  • Mooring Maintenance
  • Moorings Service
  • Mooring Annual Inspection (required annually under the NSW mooring licence)
  • New Moorings Laid
  • Mooring Replacement
  • Moorings Moved and Relocated
  • Photos will be provided of your mooring being serviced

Sydney Harbour Moorings

At Sydney Harbour Marine we know the importance of secure moorings and take no risks when it comes to inspecting and servicing the mooring securing your pride and joy. As a result we only use the highest UV resistant materials and even custom made swivels ensuring your vessel is secured for the wildest weather.

Sydney Harbour Marine specialises in both swing moorings and fore and aft moorings all over Sydney Harbour. We cater for all types of vessels, if you are changing vessels we are easily able to alter the mooring to suit your new pride and joy. When it comes to peace of mind that your vessel is moored securely, you need to go with a mooring contractor you can trust. Follow one of the links below to get a free quote on your moorings installation or servicing needs!

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New Mooring setup to be laid

New Mooring setup to be laid

Swivel in need of replacement

Swivel barely holding on

Our Mooring Services

Sydney Harbour Marine is an experienced moorings contractor servicing both private and commercial moorings across Sydney Harbour. We provide all maintenance, refurbishment and building services for your vessels moorings. Regular mooring inspections and refurbishments are vital for the safety and longevity of your vessel, don’t leave it too late! 

Contact us for our mooring service prices, see our mooring parts price list below for replacement part costs. We also offer a $50 discount to NEW customers, yet we have never under-sold on quality materials and workmanship. All our parts and materials are Australian made and up to or beyond Australian standards, we have also designed and produced our own concrete mooring block mould to ensure we control the level of quality for our customers peace of mind.  

– Annual mooring inspections & service
(Required for insurance & RMS)

– GPS positions of your moorings dead weight

– Mooring check-ups in the event of severe weather

– Moorings removed & relocated

– New moorings designed, built & laid

– Mooring buoy inspection & replacement

Parts Price List

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

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RMS Mooring Guidelines

It is surprising the number of owners who will without hesitation spend hours maintaining their boats however overlook the most vital aspect in its mooring. Since what good is your boat if it’s been washed up on shore after rough weather.

Thankfully it is a requirement of RMS as well as insurance companies that mooring inspections take place every 12 months for any wear and tear. See the below excerpts from RMS, failure to comply also comes with hefty fines all avoidable with routine inspections.

NSW Roads & Maritime  “RMS recommends you engage an experienced mooring contractor & use only quality materials. The Mooring must be serviced as a minimum, once a year, to maintain it in good order & condition. Proof of mooring service must be produced to NSW Roads & Maritime on request.”

NSW Roads & Maritime – “Failure to service your mooring may result in cancellation of your Private Mooring Licence and your liability insurance becoming null and void.”

Sydney Harbour Marine Moorings

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