Boat Salvage & Disposal Sydney Harbour

Vessel Salvage
  • Deep salvage
  • Beach salvage
  • Barge with crane salvage
  • Fast service efficient salvage
  • Boat disposal

Vessel Salvage & Boat Disposal Services

Vessel salvage and rescue is a service we love because we know it’s frustrating when your pride and joy has come to grief and traveled down the Davy Jones locker. When wild weather hits Sydney we are on alert for emergency salvage missions. Whether it’s washed up on the beach or submerged 20+ meters below the surface we can rescue your vessel, so don’t loose hope!

Sydney Harbour Marine are professionals in safe vessel salvage having rescued many boats from the bottom of the harbour for thrilled customers over the years. Our ADAS approved divers will scout out the situation and guide your vessel up from the bottom. While our purpose built barge and 2.5t, 7m crane can have your vessel salvaged in a timely and cost effective manner getting you back on the water sooner. If you need to dispose of your vessel we can save you the hassle and take care of the whole process for you as well. Follow a link below to get a free quote for your vessel salvage or disposal needs!

Vessel Salvage & Disposal