Mast Lifting & Engine Hoisting Services

Mast Lifting & Engine Hoisting

Mast lifting seems like a simple procedure however there are many intricate details that can easily be overlooked during the process. Neglecting to triple check can lead to expensive damage to your yacht and mast. Even for the experienced sailor without the right tools a mast lift can be a time consuming struggle cutting into precious time on the water.

Sydney Harbour Marine are experts in the mast lifting process successfully fulfilling the requirements of many happy customers over the years. Whether you have a new yacht or one that has been recently transported a correct mast lift is vital for longevity. This is also the case in mast lifting for preparation of storage or transport.

We make the procedure quick and easy with our purpose built 12m barge and 2.5t, 7m reach Hiab crane. Also coming in handy for engine hoists, we can easily and safely hoist your engine from the docks or ramp and lower straight into your vessel. Therefore let us do the dirty work for you and save yourself the hassle of tricky mast and engine lifts. Follow the link below to get a free quote for your mast lifting or engine hoisting needs!

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